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Dental Appliances That May Help Reduce Symptoms of Sleep Apnea

Dental Appliances That May Help Reduce Symptoms of Sleep Apnea

If you’ve been suffering from obstructive sleep apnea, many aspects of your mental and physical wellbeing can be impacted as a result. Our Surrey dentists discuss how dental appliances that can help to reduce your symptoms - and let you get more rest. 

If mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea is keeping you from getting a full night’s rest, your dentist may be able to recommend appropriate dental appliances to help reduce your symptoms.

The main function of sleep apnea appliances is to gently hold your jaw and tongue towards the front of your mouth to help keep your airway from becoming blocked. These easy-to-use appliances simply fit over your teeth. You put them on when you’re headed to bed.

For sleep apnea sufferers, two basic types of dental appliances can help: fixed dental appliances (which are not adjustable but may help to reduce symptoms of sleep apnea) and customized, adjustable appliances that are made to fit your mouth’s size and shape.

Of course, comfort is essential when it comes to a dental appliance you’ll be wearing while you sleep. If your appliance isn’t comfortable, you may avoid wearing it, which defeats the purpose of having one. Many patients find that custom-fitted dental appliances work properly, and are more comfortable to wear.

If you find that your current sleep apnea dental appliance is uncomfortable to wear, talk to your dentist at your next appointment. The dentist may be able to recommend a more comfortable solution.

However, remember that any type of dental appliance will take some time to get used to. When you first start to wear your sleep apnea appliance, you may experience some minor issues such as mild discomfort in your jaw or difficulty chewing. That said, if you keep using the appliance, these issues should clear up quickly.

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