Intra Oral Camera

Intra oral cameras are small, hand-held devices that fit comfortably inside the mouth. They allow dentists to obtain accurate and detailed images of the inside their patients' mouths.

When do dentists use intra oral cameras?

An intra oral camera is a highly useful chairside tool for patients and dentists alike, in a wide variety of cases. The intra oral camera gives the patient the opportunity to be an active participant in her oral health treatment process, and get a better idea of what's going on inside her mouth.

The camera is also very helpful to the dentist because it produces extremely clear, detailed images of the interior of mouth from all angles.

It also allows the dentist to take accurate before and after pictures of dental restorations, and shows the details of a damaged tooth with greater accuracy. The images taken with this powerful little camera can be saved directly to your patient file with a click of a button, for future reference.

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