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iTero Impression Scanner

At Guildford Heights Dental, we use an iTero Impression Scanner to help us plan out Invisalign treatment for our patients. iTero technology can also give you an idea of what your results will look like once treatment is complete.

What does iTero do?

The iTero Element Impression Scanner is an intraoral camera. iTero takes highly accurate 3D impressions of patients' bites, allowing us to make treatment adjustments in real-time, store data digitally, and show patients what their Invisalign results may look like before treatment even begins.

How does it work?

The guided scanning process involves first scanning each quadrant of the jaw with the ergonomically designed scanning wand. The wand is designed to be comfortable for the patient and easy for the dentist to use, too.

Images are captured of each individual tooth for an extremely accurate scan, resulting in better fitting Invisalign aligners.

After the quadrant scan, a full bite scan is also completed so that the dentist can get an accurate idea of the patient's malocclusion in context. The complete model with all the scan images is then sent to Align Technologies so that the aligners can be created.

Another feature of iTero is that it allows us to use the Invisalign Outcome Simulator to create a simulation of how the patient's teeth may look at the conclusion of Invisalign treatment.

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For answers to the questions our dentists are most commonly asked about Invisalign, download our Straight Smile Centres Invisalign FAQs sheet.

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