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Is dental sedation safe?

Is dental sedation safe?

Many people avoid visiting the dentist due to anxiety or nervousness surrounding dental appointments. Today, learn how the dental sedation options offered at Guildford Heights Dental Centre can make your appointment more comfortable and ensure you get the oral health care you need. 

What is dental sedation?

Dental appointments can often cause anxiety. At Guildford Heights Dental Centre we want to alleviate this stress so our patients can get the dental care they need in a lower-stress environment. One of the ways we do this is through dental sedation. 

Dental sedation uses medication to help ease patients' anxiety before, during, and after dental treatment. We often recommend sedation for patients who get significantly nervous about dental procedures, need complex treatment, have time constraints, or have a severe gag reflex.

Dental Sedation Options at Guildford Heights Dental Centre

At Guildford Heights Dental Centre we offer two different types of dental sedation:

1. Oral Sedation - Oral sedatives are easily administered in the form of liquid or pills. These medications can be taken the night before an appointment to help you sleep, and/or one hour before your appointment to reduce anxiety leading up to and during treatment.

2. Nitrous Oxide - Nitrous Oxide, otherwise known as laughing gas, is an inhaled gas that causes a relaxing sensation. Since each person is different, the gas levels can easily be adjusted to your needs during your appointment.

Is dental sedation safe?

Dental sedation is generally safe as long as you are cleared for the sedative by the trained individual that will provide the sedative to you. Your dentist will review your medical history and discuss whether dental sedation is the right option for your situation. 

While at our office, you will be closely monitored for any negative side effects from the sedation. It is normal to feel drowsy following your appointment but this feeling will wear off as the day progresses. 

You should never drive while under the effects of sedation. Arrange to have a trusted friend or family member bring you to and from your appointment. 

Looking for more information about dental sedation? Contact our Surrey dental office to learn more. 

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