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Can Adults Get Invisalign?

Can Adults Get Invisalign?

Many adults think they're stuck with their uneven smiles because they're too old for treatment. In fact, anyone with healthy teeth and gums can have their teeth straightened, and our Surrey dentists consider Invisalign to be an ideal treatment option for adults. Here’s why.

Orthodontic treatment is most commonly associated with kids and teens, but more and more adults are getting orthodontic treatment that they missed out on when they were younger.

In the past, many adults were put off by the idea of wearing metal braces because they're just so obvious. Fortunately, modern orthodontics offers a variety of discreet treatment options, including Invisalign clear aligners, that aren’t as easy to see as traditional metal braces are.

This means that adult orthodontic patients need no longer worry themselves about how their orthodontic appliances will look when worn.

Invisalign is a series of clear plastic aligners that straighten teeth just like metal braces do. The important difference is that they are clear, and therefore difficult to see (almost invisible, in fact) when worn.

This aspect makes Invisalign a superb treatment option for adults with concerns about aesthetics.

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